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Youtube video converter Y2mate

Y2mate is download and convert Youtube to mp3, mp4

You can paste URL here and hit blue button to begin, wait for download options.
No link? Simply enter some keywords to activate Youtube search with suggestions.
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How Y2mate get so red? For Mother Russia! Here's how it work process:

  • STEP 1: copy video page URL addess to clipboard. Open Y2mate.
  • STEP 2: paste video URL into white box and press blue button.
  • STEP 3: now select mp4, mp3, etc, convert and download video.
  • Red Y2mate: Youtube converter from Mother Russia

    How do you do? You are now here on Red Y3mate, or as we call it sometimes Y2mate Red. See the difference? No? Is OK. Y2mate is a great tradition of Youtube video converter and downloader website. And we decided to support it with our own great, free and yet uncensored version.. Y2mate Red helps download online videos and audios from more than 500 websites, including Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Coub, Aparat, Afreecatv, BBC, Imgur, Lynda, ESPN, Gfycat, Apple, RedbullTV, 9gag, Adultswim, and this list can keep marching on, but we stop. One thing is certain: Y2mate Red is a great tool for Youtube, a shovel of sort, to help you shovel up all the amazing Youtube music into our Youtube converter and later onto your smartphone or laptop. Enjoy the free world, courtesy in part by Soviet Union and Mother Russia! Thanks!

    Liberate Youtube videos

    Here in Mother Russia we don't like when opressors put limitations on video content. We like to liberate Youtube video for all the nations of the world, so we help friends and comrades download Youtube videos.

    Youtube to mp3 converter

    Youtube is also red. Youtube has lots and lots of free music, That's why Y2matered has Youtube video converter to mp3 audio extractor. It's free for all, there's no bad feelings, only good time all around you.

    500 sites secret support

    Our secret organization supports over 500 websites, video depositories and social networks (of unrest). If your website is not on the list, tell the head comrade in charge to check and see if we can add support.

    Video playlist download

    If you like us need to run long list of videos and then convert all at once to mp4 and mp3 - you are in the good place to so do. Y2matered is super good with Youtube & Dailymotion video playlists, do it 1 by 1 scale.

    Online video download to mp4 and mp3 converter

    Y2mate is help good when you need to download and convert online videos. Y2mate not afraid of m3u8, instead of give you the link to m3u8 like other sites do, Y2mate Red give you link to download the whole video from m3u8 so-called online video segment playlist. Y2mate help with mp3 make it unique when you convert Youtube to mp3. Y2mate adds video thumbnail to mp3 to make it easily distinguishable in your collection of 100s mp3s. Y2mate also puts meta-data from video like title and artist into mp3 file, so you don't have to. And your favorite audio player likes IDv3 tags metadata in mp3s, even car stereo like them. And finally Y2mate has no usage limits, it's free for all people everywhere, it's not trying to make you user but would like to become comrades. For realz!!

    Y2mate Red Web App Free

    Add to Home Screen

    Do you like Y2mate's red version? We do, so we make this app. Check it out, it is secretly the website disguised as web app on your phone or maybe desktop or laptop, anywhere really, except Apple devices and Firefox doesn't like us. Otherwise app is free, needs zero updates or maintenance, and it will replace this website with full funtionality of this website right in your device. Do you understand the meaning? This means we don't ever have to say goodbyes! Y2mate is happy to friends with you.

    Bookmark - quickest access

    Download Mp4

    This is Y2mate Red bookmark, also known as bookmarklet or shortcut. It's bookmark on steroids, with a little javascript code that really helps to get things rolling. Drag and drop to your bookmarks, visit Youtube, open video, click bookmark, and voila - you're back here and comrade Red Y2mate is already working on getting you the download options. Nice, right? Yes! This very nice feature helps in case you not experienced enought to copy and paste video URL with keys or cellular touch-hold method.